WD GANN & The Astrological Ephemeris

Despite Mr. Gann’s declaration that ‘Astrology fails’, it’s well known that he himself kept, consulted and acted on information contained within his Raphael’s Ephemeris which was his constant companion!

He left many notes in the margins of that ephemeris showing that he actively used it for many years.

A page from WD Gann's private ephemeris with notations

A page from WD Gann’s private ephemeris with notations

So, that leaves us with a dilemma:

Was Gann trying to throw readers off-track by stating that Astrology didn’t work?

Or, was Gann giving us information of a more valuable kind with his statement?

The very year that WD Gann gave that interview (1919) he was also a member of the  Astrological Society (since 1914) whose members included almost every prominent astrologer in the United States, so, there’s some kind of disconnect here.

My explanation, derived from my work on Gann’s papers and rediscovered hidden formulas, is that Gann found the raw data gathered by Astrology in an Ephemeris to be most useful.

Much like a database before the age of computers, Gann could carry this about and apply his formulae to the data and dates contained within it.

But, Gann applied that data in a certain way that was quite unlike the methodology used by even the best astrologers of his day.

I’ve proven this over and over again to my satisfaction using the hidden formulas within his most cryptic book, ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’ and other sources.

I’m considering publishing a course that contains my decodings of that amazing book in the near future. Please write me if you’re interested in that subject. – George

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