WD Gann, the Law of Vibration & Politics

WD Gann, the Law of Vibration & Politics:

What WD Gann, the Law of Vibration & Politics applied to our times seem to project is a helpless, but optimistic President (just like Herbert Hoover) who can only preside over the decline in the Economy and not seem to do anything to actually halt it’s decline. Hoover was a pro-business Republican who didn’t restrain the excesses of the Banks & corporations that were running amok in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. He was replaced by a Democrat, socially active President in 1932.

Herbert Hoover - President during the Stock Crash of 1929 & the Depression

Herbert Hoover – President during the Stock Crash of 1929 & the Depression

If the present President (who’s presiding over the present economic decline), is locked into the ‘Herbert Hoover’ Cycle then, his fate, like that of President Hoover before him, will be to await the election which will replace him with a new economically ‘active’ President.

That new President would be in the mode of a Roosevelt with an agenda that will bring even more governmental controls and programs.

Obama, as re-elected could be the one to institute these new economic policies that seek to turn the economy around. These would have to be of a precedent-setting quality akin to FDR’s during the Depression in order to match that era of the 1930’s to ours of the 2010’s.

The elections of 2012 & 2016 were and will be a very dangerous time for the Nation. In the previous Cycle in the 1930’s this was the time when Fascism raised it’s head and eventually brought on a World War.

During hard economic times and especially during the times that Elections take place,  fascism and dictatorship can come disguised as comfortable  patriotism and desired governmental aid to the suffering to those in desperate need.

Despite the acts of government and FED manipulation of the markets, this dance will end providing those with the courage (and the foresight to act on that courage), the financial opportunity of a Lifetime to gain great Wealth.

Following the same Cycle pattern of the 1930’s one should expect that the economy will be more restrained and these conditions will continue until the next major War which favors the 2019-2020 time frame.

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