WD Gann’s Law Of Vibration

Using WD Gann’s ‘Law of Vibration’ To See The ‘Future’

Taking a trip in ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air’ to understand the times we’re living in today and those immediately ahead.

Some of the more exotic of WD Gann’s works surround his studies of History and his obsession with dates and data about it.  He recorded and plotted on wheel charts the Great Events of History.

WD Gann and the Law of Vibration

WD Gann and the Law of Vibration

Sometimes his work seems like the product of an Alchemist or Wizard. But, Such is the Path of Genius. It may seem mystical but it’s based on laws of Science still undiscovered by the mainstream.

His studies went far beyond just the markets to include: Cycles of War going back many centuries were one of his investigations.

Also, the repetitive quality of  History was also hinted strongly at by his numerous quotes from the Bible about there being ‘nothing new under the Sun.

Then, there was Astrology and it’s relationships to life and the markets that was another of his lesser known achievements.

Most importantly, Mr. Gann’s most valuable possession was his discovery of the Source of the changes we detect as History and the Laws behind those changes.

He called that great discovery: ‘The Law of Vibration’, and, he never taught it to anyone saying that people weren’t ready for it’s powerful secret.

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