WD Gann’s Law of Vibration 5


This is part of the healing process of an Economy and pointing fingers won’t hurry this process along. Being warned that one is in a Depression will be the best help as the media is being well paid not to reveal this particular truth.

Look for Gold to make unexpected moves.

gold coin certificate

gold coin certificate

I cannot comment too much on this right now, but, with the information I gave you earlier, it is, at the least, a rational expectation although I’m basing my statement on ‘The Law of Vibration’ and not reason alone.

There’s more, of course, but, I’ll stop here for now, as, this is probably more than enough and probably too much for most to either accept or digest. Once again, one should be unemotional about these events. They’re as natural as rain (but, fortunately spaced out a lot further between events!)

This is to illustrate what kind of special, predictive method this is.

Some Men and Women say that if they only knew the future, they’d be masters of their Fates and could take advantage of that information to become wealthy.

Well, what if the information I’m writing here IS the correct future path of events?

Are you prepared to use this information profitably? What would you do with the skill to make these predictions and others in the future for yourself?

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