WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries page 5

I’d like to say here that while my work doesn’t concentrate on astrological conjunctions or other formations, that doesn’t mean that I deny it’s effectiveness. In point of fact, several of the techniques taught in the Harrison-Gann Course have an Astronomic base along with other Natural Laws as part of their makeup. And, they work very, very well as a result.

What I set out to do and focused upon was to go deeper into the core upon which even the astronomical/astrological cycles and formations are based. And, what is that?

Mathematics and Geometry

I’m definitely not talking about complex calculus or equations that one needs a calculator or computer software to decipher either.

My focus and belief has been that when one gets close to the actual fundamental levels of understanding the structure of time and space, that these universal and timeless laws will be simple in expression and not complex.

Nature’s Elegance Lies In Simplicity

Useful and consistent results (that transcend any particular time period or market) are the proof of a method’s Truth. Nothing else will do.

Anything less must be discarded and the search continued for a more basic and elegant level of understanding.

We as Human Beings love to complicate things and, sometimes, in the process of ‘advancing’ science, we throw ourselves off the path of understanding by attempting create more and more complex tools to measure with. But, what are we measuring?

The problem with this approach is, that if we veer off course at the beginning of our Journey with even a single false premise or error, we set ourselves up to go further and further from the very Truth we’re seeking over the long run.


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