WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries 1A


Most students of W.D. Gann’s works sense they’re at the very edge of a profound revelation…

One seemingly just beyond their reach.

It’s a common response to studying WD Gann’s Courses, books or charts that one is left in awe and the feeling of a promise unfulfilled.

It’s that feeling that a true understanding of WD Gann’s Secrets would take one to the very heart of  understanding the Markets & the World we live in.

It also promises  to transport one to an entirely new level and World of Understanding.

Unfortunately, for almost all though, that’s as far as it goes.

Time and other commitments creep in and prevent further progress towards that deeper understanding of Mr. Gann’s work and of the Markets.

These frustrations lead, in some cases, to discouragement and questioning the man and his methods.

Even to the point where some question whether WD GANN ever Sold His Core Trading Knowledge. The short answer that I’ve found is that Mr. Gann did indeed reveal his Secrets.

But, not in the manner most would recognize!  . . .

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