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Has All Gann’s Lost Knowledge Been Discovered?

Undoubtedly not. And, I don’t claim to. But, the Principles that I have discovered haven’t been used since Gann last used them on his own charts.  Of that I’m completely convinced.

What secrets have I found?

Well, for one example, I’ve found tremendous information hidden on Gann’s personal charts and, now I come to the conclusion that those charts never were intended to reveal the secret of their use. They weren’t meant to. Here’s the explanation why I believe that to be so:

Gann had many employees who helped make and update his charts daily. These individuals were given strict instructions as to what they were to put on the charts including angles. But, in order to protect Gann’s inner secrets it would be necessary that everything he instructed his employees  to put on the charts or what they saw on them could not reveal the secrets that WD Gann applied to those charts!

You see, the charts functioned as a vehicle ONLY. They required a Driver with a map (Mr. Gann himself) to  make that vehicle perform!!

Not one of Gann’s employees became either Rich, a financial author or Famous. Surely, if the secret of Gann’s great trading skills were on the charts that those same employees made, they would have shared in the wealth by using them for themselves.

Over my many years of research, I’m glad to say that many of those secret skills BEHIND GANN’S CHARTS have been rediscovered. And, they’re amazing! These techniques go so far beyond what is seen in Gann’s printed courses that it almost is indescribable. And, there’s still more secrets to uncover yet! My research continues and the results of those studies are being made available to students of the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course.


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