WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries page 11


I’ve also found formulas for War Cycles that project wars and war periods coming in the future and other important cycles and Principles.

More importantly though, I’ve found what these Cycles are based upon.

Are you aware that W.D. Gann did extensive studies on War Cycles and Battles?

He had collected records of wars going back many Centuries.

Obviously, he had discovered some template that he could use with all that warfare data to project ahead to future wartime events.

In fact, Mr. Gann did make the news for his predictions for World War I and some of his speculations about the Second World War as well.

I’ve developed a calculator that is based on one of the Principles I discovered that has amazing accuracy in determining the time periods our present events are coming from.

One of the chief known, but often ignored, Laws of Nature is the one of Cause & Effect.

For every Effect there is a Cause. We must sometimes go far into the past to find the Cause, but, with the right tools it can be found.

In like manner (again with the right tool or Principle), by studying the past as Cause, we can determine when the Effects will manifest in our present and future.


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