WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries page 8


The proofs of the Principles and Core Knowledge were actually in Gann’s materials all along.

They were in every one of Mr. Gann’s courses and books, but, were only presented as results and not as formulas or plain text writings you could learn and apply for yourself in any market you chose to.

W.D. Gann left tantalizing clues which, it turns out, act like a spotlight on his actual methods but, only once you’re already aware of the knowledge being applied!

It’s a brilliant example of  ‘esoteric encryption’; of hiding pearls in plain sight but disguised as something else.


Just because you can buy a completely built house doesn’t qualify you to go out and build one on your own. You just wouldn’t have the construction basics needed to do the job accurately or safely.

Yet, you could, over time, study the construction of your house and learn the Principles of building a sound house that way. That’s exactly what I discovered about Mr. Gann’s courses.

I left the Gann material in the closet decades back and went to work to discover the Principles that make markets move and which govern Time and Price. I wanted to learn ‘how to build’, not buy ready-built!

I was either persistent or hard-headed enough to stay with my research long enough to start making breakthroughs. Each new discovery leading naturally to the next step along the Path. Then, coming back to Mr. Gann’s materials, I saw that his material incorporated these exact same Principles! What can I compare this process to in the ‘real world’?


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