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So, much of my work has been a process of unlearning as well as learning. As one Asian story relates it:

“To gain wisdom from Nature, one must first be willing to empty one’s own cup so that it may be truly filled.”

My research over the decades has likewise been  a continual process of clearing the slate, hitting reset and starting fresh with new ideas. Then, going on testing them many, many times in the quest for basic understanding.

Thomas Edison

It’s been a tough, tedious and long-term project not unlike Thomas Edison’s search for the best material to make the electric light bulb a workable device.

He tested and found literally thousands of ways that a bulb wouldn’t work, but, kept going until at last, he found the one way that did work and, then, ‘there was light’.

It’s just the nature of Nature.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to make progress.

But, it has it’s great rewards and successes too.

And, those are what I’d like to share with those of you who also want to grasp a deeper understanding of the way our world and the markets are structured.

It’s been a search for a fundamental, yet unrecognized ORDER at work in our World.


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