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It’s time to begin to pass along this information to others who can understand and use it.

It was hard-won wisdom and wasn’t free by any means, but, what’s the best way to compress the learning curve for the next generation?

That was the question and there was a time-honored solution to it.


The master-apprentice system was an time-honored way of conveying master-level skills from one generation to the next. It’s purpose was to preserve knowledge and teach the skills of applying that knowledge to another qualified person over time.

The Master’s job was to teach in his own chosen manner and within the time stipulated by a contract (usually 7 years).

While I don’t consider myself a Master (only an advanced student of the markets), as I’ve looked about me over the decades I’ve come to the conclusion that no one else seems to have found this information and been willing to teach it to others.

Perhaps others exist out there somewhere and choose to follow Gann’s approach of taking the secrets to their grave with them. But, I’ve decided to take a different course of action

If you’re willing to pay the price to learn the esoteric and the super-practical aspects of my discoveries, I’m willing to teach ONLY A FEW students this information.

The Harrison-Gann Secrets Course

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