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This is a new day and Age and Enlightenment can only take place if lessons learned are shared with others. The complete independent, self-discovery ‘thing’ is tediously slow and sometimes doesn’t produce any results after a lifetime of studies.

I propose to teach the Principles that I have discovered that can re-create the same results as seen in Mr. Gann’s paperwork, charts, books and courses not in 25 or 7 years, but in only days, weeks or months.

For those who wish to learn the inner secrets of the markets, I’m willing to pass along information including the Secrets of W.D. Gann’s Greatest Trade (the May Wheat trade of 1909) in as little as a few days of reading of the appropriate learning module.

The Course information is presently being conveyed via correspondence course in 12 modules within the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course.

The 12-part program is available either all at once or by correspondence course in monthly or quarterly installments.


The fundamentals that lead to the practical trading methods are relatively easy to learn (although they are a ‘strange’ and new way of looking at the world and markets) and can be learned at home in days per module (including practice).

You’ll start with the Excalibur Method and go straight to the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course.

WD Gann’s original courses were quite thick in size and high in page count, but, very thin on practical uses and low in fundamental information. I’ve designed my courses to be exactly the opposite: Oriented towards the practical use of these fundamental laws immediately. I’m constantly trying to improve them in that regard to make them more valuable to the student and trader.

The goal is to have you see these rules work today and not ‘someday’. And, you will see them at work everywhere on every chart you choose to look at when you know what to look for and how to extract the ’embedded’ information from price, time and space.

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