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The concepts behind the methods you’ll be exposed to are powerful in their implications and concern number theory, time and space aspects of Mr. Gann’s work and my own discoveries along this line. So, you’ll find yourself undoubtedly considering their applications for years to come as they will not go out of date.

In short, you’ll learn the practical applications and trading methods quickly, and, will absorb the fundamentals over a longer period of time as you look towards the future and the markets and see these rules constantly at work there.

In addition to the written materials, you’ll receive personal consultation from me should you need it and full personal support for a period of two-years following the purchase of the last module in the Course. The Course used to be only personally taught but now be taken via a private 12-part correspondence course with The Excalibur Method as the introductory volume.

You can take the program at your own pace and some may wish to take it all at once or spread out over a year or longer.

The Cost of this Course incorporates the fact that there will be a limited number of traders per country/continent and world region that will have access to this information.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, the Course will come with many rare and very hard-to-find historical charts showing these concepts at work during recessions, depressions, inflationary and deflationary markets in both cash and futures.

The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course will not be offered forever, so, this must be considered to be a very limited and exclusive opportunity.

I reserve the right to stop or limit further distribution of this Course at any time for any reason to any person.

Here’s The Bottom Line Summary Then . . .

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