WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries page 13

Confirm Those Principles by Examining the Past

This is really where Mr. Gann set the standard. He gathered price data from the distant past to prove out and confirm Principles learned elsewhere. We should do the very same in order to prove to ourselves the Principles we come to know. One should collect price data and charts and test, test, test.

Practice Applying Principles in the Real World

Practice by Application (Action) is the final vital component. No knowledge is complete until it has been integrated into your mind-body skill set. Only then do you really KNOW in a complete sense.

I not only believe in the 3-step process described above, I’m willing to implement it with a few who desire to finally raise their Gann Level Knowledge to a much higher level.

I’ve hung onto this information long enough and, it does no one or the world any good residing in dusty notebooks tucked into boxes and shelves.

The Question to Ponder for Seekers on the ‘Quest’:

What if you could be taught quickly by someone who knew what those essential building Principles were and could save yourself decades of trial and error? Would you be willing to take advantage of that rare opportunity?

Or, do you enjoy the ‘hard road’ approach to knowledge with no guarantees that you’ll ever even be able to reach your goals?

Passing it on to Those who Value the Search . . .

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