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I believe that one’s financial capacity is (among other factors) a valid qualifier to save time and effort in Life and is usually a reflection of one’s level of consciousness or capacity for an open mind. You’ve probably become a master of some area of expertise to make a living. My area of expertise is in this Gann Level Knowledge of Markets & Universal Principles.

Your career may be as an engineer, doctor, airline pilot, CEO or other specialty. I respect the fact that you’ve already committed yourself to the mastery of one area of Life and, I’m sure that respect goes both ways. So, I’m willing to guide you to the short-cut to another area of mastery.

Think of this course as very, very limited access to the ‘School of Market Wisdom’

pythagoras1You’ll enjoy an accelerated learning pace  and spend only a tiny fraction of time to learn this material (literally only days per module) and have complete access to information that literally took me decades to accumulate, decode and tie together.

You’ll save more time and money than you can imagine and gain valuable, practical market insights within days or weeks instead of over a lifetime..


As this is a private course of instruction, you’ll need to get more details about it from me. I’ll send you a course outline of the program along with the fee schedule upon request. I can only take a few students so, please only respond if you’re financially qualified for a program of this level.

To learn more about the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course, e-mail me here.

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