WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries pg 6


There are Cycles great and small, major and minor, that repeat throughout History. Mr. Gann spoke of them often.

When we examine long-term price charts, it’s difficult to separate out and find any meaningful pattern through conventional means and approaches.

Unfiltered price charts refuse to give up their secrets and, instead look like this:

Prices of Stocks 1860-1940

Instead, the chart patterns just look random as so many of the advocates of the  ‘random walk’ theory of prices and markets maintain.

The ‘random walk’ ‘experts’ say there can be no pattern and that there is only chaos in markets and price behavior.

However, in Mr. Harrison’s research over the decades, he found several of the key generators of these cycles.

When applied to a chart from the early part of the 1800’s for the Stock Market, he was able to generate accurate solutions and turning years up to 70 years ahead in the future into the 1900’s!

On the next page there’s a chart which Mr. Harrison generated to find the years for major turns in trend up to 70 years into the future and solutions up to the early 1900’s . . .

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