WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries pg 8

Separating the ‘Wheat from the chaff’

Some of the informational pieces that have been passed down are just relics of Mr. Gann’s many experiments at understanding the markets (in Mr. Harrison’s opinion).

He states, ” I have many such papers that I’ve generated myself along the way as a by-product of research and, they’ve been superseded by better discoveries built upon more fundamental principles.

It would have worked the same with Mr. Gann as well. And, you need to know which of Gann’s papers are useful and which are ‘discards’.

It would have been the same for Mr. Gann. Just because these were papers in his closet to be sorted through, doesn’t mean that they were necessarily precious or, even important.

I’ve kept some of my own research papers because they have small clues which I may need later on. Especially the charts, which are visual reminders of markets and time periods in the past.”

The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course took many years to compile and the discoveries revealed have made it extremely rare and valuable.

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