​​​Knowledge is generally recognized as valuable wherever in the World one may find themselves. However, Knowledge is only HALF of the Equation for Success.

What really counts is the ACTION one takes that's BASED ON KNOWLEDGE . That is where the 'rubber meets the road' and what alters one's Future. Our website is all about Opportunity and how to detect where it's raising it's 'head' in the markets.

But, unless one acts to OBTAIN THE KNOWLEDGE and TAKE ACTION ON THE KNOWLEDGE, then, one will never achieve new levels of Success.

Still, ACTION is much more than just purchasing a powerful trading method or placing a trade.

ACTION REPRESENTS COURAGE; a rare and precious trait in today's World at large.

Believe me, it takes Great Courage to put on a trade while all around you may be shaking their heads or making nay-saying comments. But, Courage is what's required to step out there away from that cowardly crown and WIN.

It's AFTER you Win, the crowd gathers around to lift you up as a Hero, not before.

And, you thought trading only involved buying or selling!

​So, when I say to you: "Have Courage", you now know that I'm encouraging you to take ACTION on your own behalf to make the Future what YOU want it to be and not to shrink back from your Goals.  H​ave an enjoyable week ahead. - George

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