Entry & Exit Points


Referring to the CORN chart in our previous post lower on this webpage, there is another ‘Core Principle’ that is critical to a successful capture of price move and, that is ‘Timing’.

In order for the other principles to work in harmony, there must be tools to determine when price pressures are building for an uptrend or breaking down for a price slide.

For the CORN market, I’d like to direct your attention backwards to the post of MARCH 6th, 2014 where both the Prediction

AND the title was ‘UPTREND IN CORN’ and the chart posted was this:


The timing was a perfect point to get on board a trend that others never saw coming. This market eventually developed into the chart we view next.

cornThe uptrend was short-lived, but, importantly, when the signals indicated that the top had been put, this turned out to be critical point to go short and capture a large decline in CORN prices. – George

  • September 8, 2014