A Clearer Vision of Possible Gains

     While Busy Watching The 'News' . . .

. . . Look What Gained  The Most Over The Last Year!

Not Oil, Not Gold, no, it was a precious metal few have even heard of, PALLADIUM!

Investors (at least those on this website!) are starting to wake up.

We're continuing to open our eyes and broaden our vision of where Prosperity and Opportunity can be found. It turns out, yet again, as shown on the above graphic that great gains can be found beyond what's presented in the mainstream media.

A note of warning: When I present the big (but, largely, unknown) gainers on charts or graphics, that doesn't mean that these markets are present buying opportunities. In many cases (not all), we're seeing the end of a long trend in price movement.

One needs to be able to detect the big moves early and at the beginning of their great gains to come.

To do this properly (and more accurately than almost anyone else), I'd like to suggest the use of one or more of our unique and client-proven trading courses.

The new 'Line Tamer' Course is great for beginners while 'Stairway', 'Excalibur' or 'MBP' continue to please and serve their owners well in every kind of market condition.

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