A Gift of Insight into the Future

'The Time Vibration Predictor'

​With your purchase, you'll receive a very special Gift. The Gift I'm offering is the result of a long-sought-for Discovery and Tool called 'The Time Vibration Predictor'. This is a secret discovery about the Cycles of Times & Events that very accurately predicts the nature of each Decade going forwards into the future. The Nature of the Times Ahead! It's based on a special formula and presented in a visual, laminated format that will remain accurate for a Lifetime and can be passed on to your descendants. This information used to be only available to those who had completed the 12-part Master Course. It's value is priceless. If this tool is followed faithfully, it will alert one to upcoming world events as well as economic panics, crashes and boom times to expect. Once you know the general timing, one may use our Unique Trading Methods to track markets closer to determine the exact timing within the Decade.

PLUS: 'The ​GR Harrison Time & Event Chart'

I've used this for some time now to anticipate even the political upheavals being seen today, but, there's more ahead and, you'll need this one-of-a-kind tool to anticipate what type of events to look for. This is how I've used it. You may find even more uses for this device, but, for sure, you'll find no better 'map to the future', because, there aren't any, any where else on the Planet! I will also, as part of this Gift, include The GR Harrison Time & Event Chart. This provides a closer look at the Causal Events that will produce similar events in the future or Now. Upcoming Wars, Revolutions, Economic Booms & Panics can be plotted on this chart (a blank will also be provided for your own additions of markets or events of interest). History, will, indeed be your accurate Guide when coupled with this fascinating, easy-to-read tool. This and the course(s) purchased will be provided in printed format and delivered by DHL Express. You'll also receive same-day-delivery of a secured, digital downloadable 'read-only' copy of each course purchased. This will provide immediate access to the technique(s) while the printed version makes it's way overseas for delivery. Let this short, but, powerful Course be your constant companion going forward into the future!  

 George R. Harrison

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