​​The Benefits Of Small Profit Accumulation

Many Miss ​Good ​Pitches By ​Swinging Only For The Fences Every Time!

The Trade Signals shown on our many charts on these posts are often misinterpreted by average traders. The point isn't to trade every market or all the time. ​

​No, the point is to develop a skill that can be applied to your favorite (and, affordable) market on a consistent basis seeking out the 'MODEST RETURN TRADE',​

​Stop Rolling The Dice!

Most of the Trade Opportunities that our methods signal have the potential for significant rates of return percentages even on an intra-day & daily basis. So, what is the problem? Why do so many hold back or Cling to their old habits and patterns?

​Usually, Fear is the main culprit, but, in this case, it's something else one needs to be aware of.

​It's the failure to understand the LAWS OF GROWTH that is the cause for most to completely overlook the fields of diamonds that are lying at their feet in the markets every day.

GROWTH always starts small and, is a cumulative process.​

Society has mistakenly taught & raised several generations to expect to Graduate before starting classes!

Everyone wants the 'big payoff', and, preferably . . . Today!

​Sorry, folks. It just doesn't work that way. Never has, never will. Yes, there are always a few big winners at the casinos on the slots, but, they're rare in number, not common. We should, instead, focus on acquiring the Patience to seek out smaller gains from the markets.

The hidden Truth is that smaller gains are a much more common event; a higher-probability event to occur. It's a FACT! Most refuse to leave as winners and, instead wait too long in a market position looking for a big percentage (and, extremely RARE) return and, therefore, end up walking away with nothing instead of something.

It's the accumulation of WINNERS that add up to a WINNING TRADER.

Accumulating Losses (which are negative quantities), only add up to larger negative Losses and, make up a Losing Trader.

​To Accumulate Two Bags of Gold; ​First, Accumulate One Bag, then, Another!

Learn to appreciate the power of the 'small' returns that are possible to get from the markets every day. It turns out that these returns of 1%, 3% and 5% are not 'small' at all when looked at as returns made in a Day, Week or Month! ​

In the Daily return's case, 1% would be a Yearly rate of over 200%! Targeting a 3% daily return would yield at return of over 600% and a 5% daily return would give over 1,000% GROWTH!

If these rates of profitability don't impress, then, one should question just what purpose trading is supposed to provide.

Ironically, most 'gurus' teach that 'getting out too early' will rob one of the big profits from the big moves. This is only valid if one's strategy is based on or can only make profits from big moves. Inferior trading methods for entry and exit condemn those traders to desperately look for the 'big' moves to save their overall profit picture.

​But, 'small' profits AND small losses AND an accurate trend-shift detection method can shift the odds in favor of the small trader with a 'small' profit return approach to trading.

If one applied the signals from the methods taught in our proprietary courses and targeted a fixed percentage gain (similar to that taught in our Excalibur Method Course), kept losses strictly small and, DIDN'T VARY FROM THE PROGRAM (stayed Disciplined), they would be on a more solid footing for trading success.

​ By taking that Business-like Pathway, one could conduct a successful Business-like approach to trading instead of taking a purely speculative & erratic approach. - George

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