A New Course Has Been Released. . .

This course is an updated extract from our Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course Series from Module #2.

These are the Essential Time Forecasting Techniques that I’ve discovered over the decades, and, which are included within this Special, Stand-alone Course.

Those who have not opted to take the Master Course as yet can now have access to the important Time Forecasting Formulas  included only in this exclusive course.

You’ll learn the Secret of how I was able to generate a chart    picking Stock Market turn years up to a Century into the  Future! You’ll also learn which years in the Past are directly influencing the Present or any other Year.

This Skill is also applied to the Daily Chart level of  Prediction as well.

The Formulas in this Course predicted every one of Turn Years in the Stock Market shown by the red circles!

What's more, in the Course, you'll see calculations that project turning years in the Stock Market that could have been predicted more than a Century into the Future!


To the left, you’ll see the exclusive contents within ‘The Laws of Time & Turns in Trend’.

Each Section within this Manual is guaranteed to be Unique and        eye-opening in it’s revelations, effects, and. accuracy.

This is another important publication in our new 'ForeCasters' Series.

Three Courses of the planned 4 are now available. All are Unique. All are related to the deeper study of TIME and how it underlies all the Markets, their Trends and Tops & Bottoms.

  • September 14, 2021