A Profit Edge = Increased Value to You . . .

.What Really Matters is Profitability in Trading.

But, how can you distinguish yourself from all the other traders in pursuit of that goal? 

Only by using trading methods that allow you to enter into a developing trends EARLY can give you this added profit edge and, that profit edge equals Increased Value To You.

Why Run With The Crowd?

Average traders and investors are in a rut. They follow the standard tools they've been handed by the Industry. You know them by heart; Moving Averages, being one of the most popular, even to funds.

​But, Moving Averagesget you into a trend shift LATE and, at the same time, lose you a lot of potential profit that you could have gathered into your account if you had only used a superior trading method to detect the shift in market trend EARLY.​

​The Value of a Trading Method

A ​Method is Truly Worth What It Earns For You or It's Profit Potential over time.

​In the case of Apple Computer stock (shown above on the chart), the EARLY edge in entering a Short position or buying Put Options provided a profit potential of over $6,000 (much more for an option!​) per 100-share block versus no profit at all if one waited for the 200-day moving average to be crossed.

​By the way, this is one of the favorite trading signal tools for mutual​ & other funds, and, goes a long way towards explaining why some of the active trading funds have been under performing in returns for years now. Price moves have been too frequent for their tools to be able to grab any profits from.

​​​Next, let's look at the Stock Market in general.

​​While the long-term trend for the Stock Market is still intact, there was an excellent short-term opportunity for good profit in the latest pull-back in prices IF one had the proper tool in place to detect it EARLY.

​​Observe the chart below, for instance . . .

In both these recent cases, it's clear that the 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique gave an impressive VALUE EDGE to the fortunate trader who possessed it versus the moving average approach to catching trends.

In the first case of Apple, this was a VALUE of over $6,000 dollars. In the second case of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY), it was a trading edge of over $4,000 dollars.

A Trading Method that can provide such returns to you is worth well more than the sum of these two gains without question.

​For a limited time though, you'll be able to purchase 'Fibonacci Trends' for less than either of these recent gains that one could have earned from using this unique trading method.

If you want to change your Economic Future, you need tools that help PREDICT FUTURE  PRICE & TRADING SENTIMENT TRENDS and, you need to them to give you this valuable information EARLY

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