Canadian Dollar Parameters for Tomorrow . . .

​This post addresses the value of identifying both the Support and Resistance price areas for the Canadian Dollar vs. the US Dollar. Take note of the chart below for Today's range of price action:

The Support price area for the Canadian Dollar to watch over the next 24-hours is indicated by the red horizontal line on the chart that is below the present price at 1.3212. Price will have to Close below 1.3287 on an Hourly Close basis to indicate a new downtrend in prices is underway.

The Resistance price area to watch over the next 24-hours is indicated by the green horizontal line that is above the present price area. Price will have to Close above 1.3225 on an Hourly Close to indicate a new upwards trend in price.

NOTE: These projections are purely for educational purposes and are not an advisory or recommendation (please read disclaimers). They are given to show just what can be done using some of the techniques that have been discovered in my half-century of research work.

You're welcome to learn these techniques for yourself so you're able to make your own market decisions based on Mathematical Principles instead of guesswork or speculation. 

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