​The Great Trends Are Rare, So, You Need To Be Ready.

​​We tracked the great rise in Bitcoin some time back and provided a method that enabled at least one of our Clients to exit this market close to the very top.​

​You can view the same process at work on the chart above, but, this time using our new 'Fibonacci Trends' analysis method.

​When the Great Trends happen, (and, they always will happen), will you be armed with the right tools to both 'See' and Act on the opportunity?

​Not only were profits possible going up in this market, but, now that there are futures contracts on this market, one could also make money on the way down in price as well.

WD Gann used to state that there were more profits to be made (and, in a shorter time) from the collapse of prices than were available from general up-trending markets. But, you have to be ready!

Be kind to yourself this Holiday Season. Give yourself a Gift that keeps on Giving in the form of a superior technical analysis trading method, which will reduce your trading stresses and decisions to the essential minimum number necessary. 


I extend my best wishes to you and yours during this Holiday Season and through-out the remainder of this year and the years to come.

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Contact me with your Trading Course WishList. George