Confidence: The Engine of the Global Economy

Prosperity is a State of Mind . . .

Many have grown up with the belief that the reported news and events of the World or Nation are what constitute the Economy. THEY DO NOT.

CONFIDENCE is what ultimately drives the Economy to either rise or fall.

Confidence goes beyond overhyped 'Hope'. Hope is merely a 'wish' without the actual 'mechanics' to turn that hope into reality, and is, therefore largely worthless. A false emotional high.

When the People-at-large sense that nothing has changed, then, hope turns to hopelessness faster than one could imagine.

The opposite, however, also holds true, and, when the People sense that real Change is afoot, Confidence rises and with it real hope for a better tomorrow. This affects attitudes towards spending and, therefore the real Economy will reflect this increase of Confidence even before it's noted in the media.

We're seeing a great rise in Confidence now around the World. The old media isn't reporting it, but, the signs are there for those who can interpret the Charts.

The 4 charts shown give an inside view of the 'Big Picture' and the Markets. Stock, Financial markets and even international shipping are all responding to this new Confidence as seen by the charts to the left. - George

Don't Fight the Trend . . . Follow It!