Cotton: Successful Long-Term Trends

​All Trades shown are Hypothetical. Please read Disclaimer on this website.

"The Pros Look Way Past the Daily Price Moves for Their Profits."

The 'Commercials' are the Professionals who are in business for the long-haul in the Commodity field.

In the case of the Cotton Market shown above, these are the farmers, millers and fabric manufacturers. Their long-term market positioning based on seasonal demand, are what create the long-term trends we're looking at in the above chart.

​This Was A Return of 617% on Initial Margin Cost!

The dollar amounts shown are hypothetical and based on signals derived from some of the techniques which we've developed over the last half-century or so), however, they are accurately portrayed based on the entry and exit points determined by applying our techniques.

​What I'm seeking to point out with this illustration is that, if Patience were to rule over Emotions in the Trader, then, they'd be pretty much guaranteed an excellent return on their investment based on the price trend shifts that occur at the Weekly and Monthly time frames. - George

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