Courage: The Gateway to Trading Profits


In the midst of gloomy media scenarios, Courage is almost always overlooked as an essential ingredient to lasting success. Cyclical Human Psychology requires us to review what happens during sharply rising markets. Let’s see what we can learn by doing so.

Exponential markets leading, inevitably, to ‘blow-off tops’ are caused and accompanied by market euphoria (extreme optimism) NOT by gloom & doomers.

From personal experience, I can state that I was there at the dotcom peak in 1999-2000. Those were heady days and, I can assure you, no one rang the bell at the top to say it was over.


No indeed, in fact, the news remained pretty positive well after the peak (as no one could believe what they were seeing and, instead confused hope for reality).

Today’s stock market is far from looking like this bubble from 1999-2000, and even back then opportunity was there to make huge profits.


First, let’s dispel the ‘good feeling’, ‘no-one’s-at-fault’, ‘life-should-be-fair’, ‘everyone-is-equal’ fairy tale that’s become the bedrock of today’s socialistic education and state what’s TRUE instead.

Here’s the TRUTH: Real opportunities are for the few, not the many.

This is not conspiratorial. It’s Nature’s Law.

Nature provides massive opportunities for the few by providing the greatest percentage of Humanity (and investors) with enough fear-based opinions (that run contrary to opportunity) to well provide for the wealth of the few with the courage to act against the crowd.

The Courageous Act upon opportunity. Yes, they analyze, then, they ACT.

The fearful Think About opportunity (in fact discuss it endlessly in forums, with their friends, etc.), then, Hesitate (calling it ‘prudence’) until it becomes clear that opportunity has passed the by (yet again-‘bad luck’).

COURAGE requires raising oneself above their Human Nature to a Higher Ideal and making this the new Standard.

Here, again is the reality which we must work with:Fear is the default program for Humanity.

It is firmly planted into our lower nature as a survival tool, but, the key to our success lies in rising above our lower nature and not in embracing it.

Fear of others successes also works against achieving our own success.

It’s become common in the press these days to criticize the top 20% income earners, but, in truth, upon closer examination, you’ll find that these are the people who had the Courage to become the top 20% of income earners.

You see Courage isn’t a fairy tale concept as so many of us have been taught.

Courage is a real-life Key to success in Life; in every aspect and, yes, an investing key to success as well.

Courage - CS Lewis

All of Man’s History shows that cultivating Courage in Life, will elevate oneself to a higher, nobler place and, with that accomplished, it must then reflect in greater Life success and, therefore, sounder financial decisions as well.

Food for thought. Good Trading. – George