​Crude Oil Secrets: The $8 Rule. . .

​History often Repeats, as Mr. WD Gann often wrote.

W.D. Gann wrote: "In making my calculations on the Stock Market, or any future event, I get the past history and find out what cycle we are in . . .".

Today, we'll ​revealthe $8 Secret to CRUDE OIL; the prices where the big money interests are placing their major orders to BUY and SELL.

​We can Learn much from the above CRUDE OIL price chart . . .

​During emotional times like we're presently experiencing, it can be comforting to become aware that what the markets are doing, they've done before, and, ​this also pertains to the ​CRUDE OIL Market as well as the Stock & Gold Markets which we examined in the previous posts.

​As previously, if you take some time and closely examine the above price chart. There are some important lessons to learn from it. What has gone before, will come again.

​In this case, as with our previous examples, it's the price levels, resistance and support levels you should be looking at. They've been conveniently high-lighted with red ovals and ​ lines showing how often the Market Makers are targeting a specific area of price.

​As mentioned before, the Professionals are a consistent crowd, they've just learned how to disguise what they do by surrounding their preferences with chaotic price moves so that others can't see them. 

Here, we've detected a tendency for the market-makers in CRUDE OIL to aggressively enter the market at price levels that are located at $8 ​intervals. These levels are shown ​by the red ovals that are shown in quantity on the price chart. These are not just chance events!

​You'll note that CRUDE OIL ​prices have just entered into one of those strong Resistance Price areas, which means that we can expect some ​bottoming price action at these levels. Price may also drop below this level to the next another $8 lower. Watch these levels closely.

Stay Calm and Observe History. Draw comfort from it as it shows you it's tendencies in the future will mirror much of it's recent past.

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