EURO Prepped


How You Could Have Prepped For The EURO Drop A Week Ago . . .

The big price drop on Sunday for the EURO should not have caught one by surprise.

Indeed, those using the Excalibur Method for their chart analysis could have detected the critical turn to the downside for the EURO at the point indicated by the blue rectangle.

This price trigger point to SELL would have been produced over 5 days ago, leaving one short on Friday and well-positioned for the huge gap down on Sunday’s open.


Positioning for Downside Potential Using the Excalibur Method Click Chart to Enlarge.

Proper analysis and positioning based on it, even a few days in advance, can make all the difference.

Please take the time to read more about the process, and then, if you then wish to obtain it for yourself, e-mail me here for price and availability. Thanks. George