The Excalibur Method & Friday’s GOLD Break


As we’re now moving into the last month of the year, we’re also in a very special period of the year.

You’ve Waited All Year For This!   DON’T MISS OUT!

This has been the time when I offer those who have been waiting all year to purchase some of the educational materials we offer here the very best price of the year. This includes the Excalibur Method which we’re highlighting here in today’s post (as in so many posts over the past 4 years time on this website).

Those who had purchased the Excalibur Method would have been able to watch GOLD this last Friday as it subtly shifted it’s trend and using Excalibur, could have hypothetically nailed the very beginning of the turn downward in price (*See the Chart for Hypothetical Trade):

This GOLD trade alone was potentially worth thousands of dollars.


Market opportunities like these will abound over the next weeks and months.

And, these are the type of moves that can go a long way towards recovering funds lost while trading without such an effective methodology as The Excalibur Method.

Are you ready to take a real holiday from market confusion and start taking control or your own trading destiny?


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Thank you for your continued interest in our methods and courses over this last year (and previous years).  I wish you the very best in the New Year ahead and hope that you’ll be sailing in more prosperous market ‘waters’.

Our mission here is to help you in attaining just that goal with the very best analytical tools available anywhere and ONLY FROM THIS SOURCE. – George