Finding The ‘Cause’ of the 2020 Crisis

​Knowledge ​of History. Knowledge of Nature.


The Crisis Year of 2020 Was Already 'Baked-into-the-Cake' Long ago. 

Over the last 5 Decades of Researching the works of W.D. Gann, I've confirmed over and over again that he truly touched upon the Great, Underlying Principles of Nature Herself.

These Discoveries are available to all who take the time to seek them out and use them. One of these discoveries concerned the recurring Great Cycles of Change & Repetition.

The irony is that, unless one accumulates a long enough history of events and (in the case of Markets; Prices), then, it will be impossible to discover and confirm these Natural Cycles.

A current example of the importance of learning such Principles is our present financial crisis. Those who possess the truth of the Principle will have a guide that will remain good for a Lifetime, even though the occasions to use the information will only present themselves a few times per decade or more.

There are few indeed with the type of Patience to either Discover or to hold onto such information. Mr. Gann was one such person, however, his exploits and work have to repeated each Generation anew as Nature doesn't give this information away without the expenditure of much energy and work.

​Where Did Today's Panic Come From? The PAST!

This Year's Crisis is tied directly back to the Financial Panic of 1929. This event occurred 91-Years ago, but, the energy from that emotional 'event's impact left 'ripples in Time' or created a 'Tunnel Thru The Air' which led directly to the Year 2020 where the ripples, (now turned into great waves), crashed onto the beach of our 'Time' to duplicate the same kind of damage that was done back in those 'good old days'.

As I discussed in an earlier post this year, the additional convergence of the 100-Year Cycle of the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu Epidemic, (which also spread around the World), brought about our unique combination of the two cycles into what we're witnessing (and, experiencing) today.

It's important to realize that what we're experiencing now is a 'EFFECT' and, not a 'CAUSE' situation. There's little that can be done today to alter it as it's now an 'EFFECT' and the 'CAUSE' was long ago in the Past.​

Our best response is to understand that this Cycle will move past us marching on-wards into the future and that, where Markets are considered, there are wonderful profit opportunities during such periods. ​

​There always have been.

In fact, Mr. Gann used to write that there were more ( and, faster accumulating), profit opportunities at the end of the Great Cycles than at any other time.

​This is just one such 'Great Cycle'.

Those faster profit opportunities must be Nature's 'Compensation' for the other emotional 'inconveniences' that come along during such periods in History.

​Hold steady with these thoughts and, consider taking some action to your benefit during the unfolding of this time period. It's clear from History that this Cycle will end, (like all the others before it), and, that those who step forward bravely to take action will reap the lion's share of the rewards in the new economy to come. ​- George

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