For Those Who Crave Risk . . .

Alas, my suggestions over the last several posts have fallen on deaf ears it seems.

Where I’ve been attempting to steer the prudent to safer waters  (where they could lay at anchor during the coming economic and market storms), it seems that many of our readers are more interested in the ‘action’ of the markets than increasing their financial survival from the markets. At least this is what I’m reading in the e-mails received lately.

Look, I understand the interest in such unique trading methods as are offered on this website ONLY, but, just because you have access to a great tool doesn’t mean that you should be careless as to where it’s used. Risk is Risk, and, avoiding it as much as possible is ALSO part of a winning trading approach.

I’m addressing Investors only here, and, for those of you who fit this profile, please consider my last few posts as a path forward into the uncertain and risky future. My suggestion is to use our amazing trading technologies and apply them in the Commodities investment area. This includes futures, ETF stocks on commodity markets and the options on these ETFs as well.

Speculators by nature take on more risk than investors, and, for those of you in that risk-hungry group, there are the popular (and heavily manipulated) Forex markets.

For those recent visitors who have wondered whether The Excalibur or Stairway Trading Methods were universal enough to work in the Forex markets as well as the longer-term markets, I’ve inserted a EUR/USD intraday chart from recent days.

intradayEurUsd2Note the key signals over the last few days in the EUR/USD and, you’ll find an advancing bottom line from these hypothetical trades. Sometimes, you’ll find trades that will trend into the next day as that’s what the methods are designed to do. At other times, and, at shorter time intervals, they’ll be several trade signals within a single day. The shorter the time frame you use the greater your risks of minor trend reversals and HFT (High Frequency Trading) rapid manipulations of price.

The Above chart shows 190 pips of potential cumulative gain over just a few days of observing this market (EUR/USD). From Friday to Thursday (5-trading days), there were two days on which you wouldn’t have needed to take any action at all (Monday and Wednesday) and, three days on which there would have been trades entered or exited. This is a pretty low-key and low-stress approach to this highly-speculative market.

I want you to succeed in achieving your trading goals and, ultimately, you have to choose your own path to that success. I can help you with Superior, World-class methods of analyzing market charts so that you’ll have a greater probability of success. By using techniques which are unlike those available anywhere else (like the Excalibur & Stairway Trading Methods) or those not seen or used since the days when the Master Trader WD Gann used them last over 60-years ago (found in ‘The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’), you’ll have a trading edge that only a few traders on the planet will share with you.

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Stairway Trading Method are still being offered for purchase. Both methods use entirely DIFFERENT approaches to interpreting the markets and make excellent confirmation tools for each other because of their totally non-related approaches.

The Master Course is limited to one trader per month. It contains the most powerful, hidden truths about the market and is intended for those who truly value such information. It’s not free. It’s not inexpensive and, neither is a Bentley and for the very same reason; QUALITY.

Contact me privately via e-mail if you’re sincerely interested in purchasing one of our Courses. – George