GOLD: Intra-day Trading Profits

Profit Potential From Shorter-term Trends in the GOLD Market is alive and well. ITrades that extend over a weekend or a few days at best have been offering profit potentials of several thousands of dollars in the GOLD Market recently.

​GOLD is a Market that is on the move finally.

​The chart below shows one of these opportunities that revealed itself to the 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Method just last week.

​This Solid Principle can adapt to any time frame of examination and still retain it's performance sharp edge.

​It's always advantageous when a trade is signalled at the shorter-time frame that co-incides with the longer-term trend that's under way. This is the case for GOLD right now.

​The above chart used a very special set of trading skills known as 'Fibonacci Trends' to ​signal when the time was ripe to BUY the GOLD market on last Thursday.

You can still have access to this amazing trading skill.

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