GOLD Prices Weaken Again


gold prices falling

Gold prices falling

GOLD is a Commodity, not a store of value as most would think.

Because of that basic, underlying fact, Gold is subject to the major commodity cycles of all commodities.

The basic cycle now is that Gold has just come off from an approximate 30-year cycle High a few years back (1980-2011).

The downward to sideways price cycle is inclined to last years more despite all the logical reasons for expecting the opposite.

Presently, Gold has hit a reflective resistance price point and is bouncing downwards towards it’s next low.

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gold1To continue the chart above, I call attention to the red arrowed descending line that’s been added to the chart to the left.This line represents a high probability sense of the momentum behind the recent drop in Gold prices.

This angle of descent will take us to an end of month level of $1270 for Gold, but, prices could easily be much lower than this should this weakening market continue.

Eyes on the downside potential are wise, however, one must allow for the element of a surprise shift in price trend and, I’d be more inclined to be convinced of a shift upwards if Gold prices could rise not only above the red line shown on a closing basis, but, more convincingly, if prices could close above $1335. Only then should one consider that another surge upwards was possible. – George


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