GR Harrison: “My Newest Trading Course.”

I've Been Protecting (Hiding) This Method For Over 15-Years . . .

The 'Market Balance Point'

By George R. Harrison

We're now entering a Time period in market History which this special trading method thrives in: Bubble Markets

In truth, this method shines in every market period and, at every time frame: intra-day, daily, weekly, you name it.

Introducing The 'Market Balance Point' Course, which I affectionately call The 'MBP' Trading Method.

Historically & hypothetically speaking this method would have detected every major Stock Market bubble high and crash low of the 20th & 21st Century (to date), from 1906 to 2007 (actually back in the 1800's as well!).

I'm strictly limiting access to this Course, so, if you're seriously interested in learning more, please send me an e-mail request for additonal details. But, don't wait too long.

I'll give you access to private web page where you can view some chart analysis examples and learn more about the purpose of this method and why it works so very well. A Hint: It's based on a little understood, but well-used, Law of Nature that has proven itself through the Ages and has now been harnessed for trading use.