“Heard a Lot About GOLD Lately? Beware!”

​All Trades shown are Hypothetical. Please read Disclaimer on this website.

​Too Many Voices All Saying The Same Thing is the Tip-off

​When all the same 'experts' who have historically been wrong over the years all come into agreement about a market, WATCH OUT!

​This is what's happening right now in the GOLD & Silver Markets.

​​The Second Step: Let's See What The Price Chart Tells Us . . .

​GOLD has made an impressive upswing over the last two months. Enough so, that it's gathered a lot of attention from the mass financial media and gold bug crowd.

​Of course, the gold bugs should be discounted as a reliable source about anything dealing with Gold as they've been bullish on the metal for the last 20-Years and more! A stopped clock is still accurate twice a day, and, so it can be with their eternal bullish stance. They had to be right sometime!

Back to our above chart; price has broken the monthly uptrend that was in progress and, although prices haven't broken the re-tracement percentage yet, Gold is poised at a price point that bears watching for . . . wait for it . . . a Downswing in prices, not an upswing.

Watch the red downwards arrow. If prices go back up and close above the red line, then, you can breathe a little easier if you're long Gold. However, Watch out if we break the lows of the last two weeks. There's room for more downside price movement if that occurs.​

Be Aware of this downside price possibility as no one else is warning about this at the moment. - Good Trading. - George

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