Time to Publication of the NEW 'Intra-Day' Solar Trader' Course.


Global Political & Economic instability has been tormenting the markets for months now. It's created  a climate of uncertainty which, in turn, has led many to stay out of the markets

So-called or self-proclaimed 'experts' have thrown up their hands in despair and confusion as they encounter market conditions that they've never experienced in their short lifetimes or learned about in their fake economic theories in college.

Today, the only market remedy for shifting market sentiments and to increase trading profits is to engage in intra-day trading using a strong, mathematical, repeatable trading system that can adapt to a 24-hour cycle of news feeds in a profitable and predictable manner.

It doesn't matter which Country or which Market. As long as it is Liquid and has adequate trading volume to allow fast entries and exits, the potential to offset or to profitably take advantage of the latest news cycle is tremendous.

Take a look at the recent Indian BSE Sensex 30 Index intra-day chart below.

I've displayed plenty of examples from many different markets over the last week or so.

The Markets? Any Global or 24-Hour active Market

The Trading Method? The 'Intra-day Solar Trader'

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