The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course

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Master Course ​Module #1

  • Laws of Nature, Number & ​Sideways Markets.
  • ​Proper Application of the 45° &, Bull/Bear Angles.
  • ​Comments on WD Gann’s  ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’.
  • Clue to the Master Formula for Price & Time.

Master Course Module #2

  • The Lost Word. 
  • The Laws of Time & Turn in Trend.
  • Determining Whether a Year Will Be a Turn Year.
  • Determining Turning Years Within The Decade.
  • Determining Turns for Shorter Time Periods.

  • Master Course ​Module #3

    • The Secret to WD Gann’s Greatest Public Trade (1909 Wheat).
    • The Forecasting Secret Formula applied to other Historic Market Charts.

    The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course Collection

    De-coding Original WD Gann Charts, Books & Private Papers

    ​Over Half-a-Century of Searching & Re-Searching Went into the discovery and re-discovery of the Principles revealed within these Modules from the Academy's Master Course Collection.

    ​I began with W.D. Gann's cryptic course & book writings and, over a very long time slowly uncovered fundamental Principles which were discovered and applied by Mr. Gann as evidenced by his remaining published writings and private papers.

    ​Powerful & Original Trading Methods Were Created Based On These Natural Principles

    ​As discoveries and re-discoveries accumulated during our half-Century of Research & Testing work, New Principles were discovered which opened up new understandings of Price Trends and their movements over time.

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