Lumber: Big Price Trend Shifts Can Be Detected Early

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                  The Longer The Time Period Of The Trend,                      The Stronger The Change When It Happens.

Perhaps the strongest Bull Market of late has not been in the Stock Market, but, in the Lumber Market where prices have gone 'crazy'.

Could this have been foreseen in advance? 

Yes, it could. If one were using an extremely long-term price chart like that shown above, and used some well-tested and accurate analysis tools, then, yes, one could have anticipated way back in June, that a new trend was underway and, that, because of it's long-term momentum, this would very likely be a strong Bull Market for Lumber prices.

                 If You're A Position Trader, Then, You Must Look At  Long-term Price Charts For Clues To Coming Events.

NOTE: The steepness of this rise in prices is unsustainable, so, a reversal in price trend from this upsurge will be just as quick and needs to be carefully watched for at shorter time intervals.

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