Major Stock Market Top Ahead . . .

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Access to the Big Picture and Major CYCLES of the MARKETS!

This Chart shows an important price point to watch for the US Stock Market.

It's hard to hold back sometimes from posting what's really going on in the markets.

I have to most of the time though as the information and understanding that lie at the foundation of the Master Trading Course modules needs to be absorbed and integrated into one's view and perspective of the markets and, this takes time and, yes, money to achieve.

There are a valued few who have undertaken this 'Journey of Understanding' and, it is out of respect to them, that I defer from revealing too much 'unearned' market information on these web pages.

There are times however, when, hints must be dropped that can prompt some thoughtful action or reactions among the interested readers of this website.

We're quickly arriving at one of those Times when it comes to the trend of the US Stock Market.

There are some important Cycles and Mathematical Points of Force that will come strongly into play around the 2450-2500 price level in the S&P 500.

Keep a careful watch around these price levels and use one or more of the trading methods offered on this site to help discern if or when the market is weakening.

It's my considered experience and belief that only these select methods are capable of alerting an investor or trader EARLY about an impending major trend movement in price.

A reaction to this uptrend is expected and long-term projections are strong in this regard.

These are definitely laws that even above average traders aren't aware of and, that puts us in a very good place as independent traders and investors to take advantage of the Great Opportunities just ahead.

I've issued 3-Special Reports thus far within the last month. The first and third deal with the forces that are at work on the Stock Market and the second report was on Crude Oil (which went down as predicted!). If you haven't read them you're missing a level of understanding that is unavailable anywhere else today.

WD Gann was the last person to offer this level of insight into these Major Factors that make and break markets and his insights stopped some 60-Years ago. The 60-Year Cycle is now Complete and these insights are available again, but, as with Mr. Gann, only to those who put forth the effort and value to obtain them.

Dear Prior Clients & Students:

I've lost track of some of you because of changes in your e-mail services. Send me your current e-mail if you haven't received the Special Reports that I've been sending out. You can simply write to me at: and request to receive the reports (including back issues). - George