Market Game Strategy

The Markets are an intensive game arena and, all games have rules and need strategy to win.

The Rules of the Markets favor the Game Masters (those who run the game) and, one of the greatest strategies they use to win is to apply ‘deception’ at critical price points in order to mislead and reduce competition on the ‘right side’ of a market trend.

The reasoning behind these deceptive strategies are straightforward enough and are well embedded into the psyche of the markets.

Their History?

To restate the ‘Greed is Good’ mantra (from ‘Wall Street’, the movie) in it’s older, original form as a bedrock belief system of John D. Rockefeller: “Competition is a Sin”.

You, my fellow investor, are the competition in the eyes of the market makers (who firmly believe the above as Commandments).

Modified by CombineZPKnowing that, then, it behooves one to be aware that  certain strategies will be used against us as outside investors participating on their Game board.

Accept that fact as the ‘norm’ of the market maker’s behavior and expect to see these strategies manifest themselves on our price charts as part of the Grand Game Strategy.

Forewarned is forearmed.

We’ll be exploring and revealing these strategic points in the coming posts starting with Crude Oil. – George

  • May 24, 2015