Market Risk Analysis

Track which markets are STRONG (Bullish) and which are much WEAKER (Bearish). More information is available once you click the buttons.


Report As Of March 21st, 2014

Which Markets Are Stronger?


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Asset Protection: The Flight Towards Safety.

Proper market analysis can soothe the nerves and dial down the anxiety of today’s tense headlines. When there’s war jitters, safety is a fundamental Key for the greater portion of one’s portfolio.  Strong Markets are those that are positively gaining in value and running true to their inherent momentum ROI angles as depicted by WD GANN & GR HARRISON in their writings.

Which Markets Are Weaker?


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Speculation: How To Take Advantage Of  Weaker Markets.

Once the safety requirements of the stronger markets are met, then, one can speculate and seek profitability by SELLING the weaker markets. Those with the greatest potential for downwards price movements. Weak markets are those that are declining in value according to their own negative momentum. These offer spectacular profit opportunities within short time periods and lie where average traders fear to tread: Where the Market is actually going!

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