"How To Be A Top Trading Analyst Using . . . 

Modern Markets + WD Gann's Lost Secrets + Our Original Discoveries!

The 'Master Trading Analyst' Process:

  • Part I: Use The Right Price Charts. Methods need to be Matched to the Proper Trading Principles.
  • Part 2: The Modern 24/7 Markets: Extended Hours Alter Market Cycles
  • Part 3: Using the 'Lost Secret' Principles That Continue to Work in All Markets (at All Times).
  • ​Part 4: Use Our Proprietary, Unique, Accurate, Original & Easy-to-Apply Trading Techniques
  • ​Part 5: Use the above Techniques to Determine: Market Trends (Up, Down or Sideways)
  • Part 6: Determine Entry Prices LONG OR SHORT. Not Every Price Level is Equal to All Others.
  • ​Part 7: ​Locating Ideal STOP price levels. It's Important to Follow a TREND & Adjust STOPS.
  • ​Part 8: ​Assessing Price Objectives to a Trade. This is Very Useful as a Target of Destination.
  • ​Part 9: ​​Determining Expected Support & Resistance Price Points. These Natural Levels Work.
  • ​Part 10: Determine the Price Volatility & Swing Parameter ​Probabilities for a Trade.
  • ​Part 11: Select The Asset Class to Follow (Stocks, Gold, Treasuries, Cash, etc.), that has The Greatest Gain Potential.

Part 2: The Modern 24/7 Markets

​​Here's an underlying, but, misunderstood factor about some of our modern 24/7 market environments; Extended Hours Alter Market Cycles.

​Over the decades, the number of trading days has been altered as have the hours of trading for some markets like the currencies, gold and crude oil markets. Each time a change occurred to a commodity or currency, that addition of trading hours or number of days traded inserted a mathematical change into the equation that accounted for the Market Cycle for that Market.

Why We Need Techniques That Are Not Cycle Dependent

​This insertion of a new time factor into trading is what has accounted for the lapse in accuracy for Cycle Techniques over the last 25-years or so. In earlier days, WD Gann used to use Cycles himself in some of his tables (13-year Commodity Cycles; 10 and 20-year cycles for Stocks for example).

​These earlier tables are not as useful today due to the change in the hours of trading. The addition of Time to the trading hours has had the effect of shortening the cycles and, altering their predictability.​

​24-Hour Trading: The Need for Speed​

​​There were a very few limited hours of trading in W.D. Gann's day. Today, we have some markets that are going for 24-hours a day, five-days a week and then some. This presents many more intra-day cycles for traders to deal with than in those days long past and, it takes a special kind of trader (with a special set of trading techniques), to be able to adapt quickly to the many changes in micro-trends that are now so common.

​Because there are so many trading and profit opportunities​, there is also a balancing added need to closely follow the minor and major price trends that start and evolve during each nation's trading sessions.

Paying close attention to the Markets is just one of the requisites these days. And, here is also where some of our Re-discovered 'Lost Trading Principles' can be applied most successfully to these active, 24-hour markets.

We've discovered several highly effective techniques for tracking price trends and momentum that each are based on different Principles but, which all accurately portray just what state the market is in at any single moment.  ​

We find it preferable to apply several different techniques drawing on different Principles to confirm or verify the probability of our signals. Confidence is an important element to successful trading also, and, divergent techniques yielding the same conclusion goes a long way to providing this confidence factor.

Elements of all of the above courses and our Gann Re-Discoveries are all included within our 'Master Trading Analyst' Program. These courses can still be purchased separately as well. Contact: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com for availability and cost.

Coming Next: Part 3: ​Using The 'Lost Secrets' Principles

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