Reality From An Inverted Market View

We've Been Seeing The World Upside Down . . .

Because we were never taught otherwise, we've accepted a view of the markets removed and which is literally INVERTED from the Reality of Nature.

The Reality of Supply & Demand is reflected in price, but the relationship is inverse to the conditions found in the farmer's fields.

In short, the truth concerning the real Agricultural situation can be charted by actually inverting the price chart for that commodity and then reversing the time scale.

On the top chart we're seeing price inverted to tell us the state of either Abundance or Scarcity of the Cotton crop currently.

We're currently coming out of a period of Scarcity (which created high prices) and, using 'The Stairway Method', we were able to detect when to SELL and go short Cotton (the blue circle shows when the signal was given). - George


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