Post Election GOLD Trends


GOLD Prices are Currently Weakening

Gold is an emotional metal.

The current weakening state of GOLD is giving a hint of how the US Election is going to turn out.

This is another case of the markets, when read carefully, giving a glimpse of the future outcome of events-yet-to-come.

Watch for prices breaking below the $1840 level to confirm an acceleration of this weakening Gold price trend.

Again, this is an educational exercise and my personal opinion only. An educational process I've been engaged in for over half-a-century now. Although I'm pretty sure of my analysis, I do not advise and am not an advisor. Read our Disclaimer to that effect.

But, for those interested, this is my current view of the major markets for the period extending over the next few weeks remaining before the US Election takes place.

Learn How to Look Forward into the Future

The above chart for GOLD is a Weekly Price Chart.

As we stated in our previous post, this longer time scale allows us to sift out price momentum whether up or down more efficiently.

The current downtrend in GOLD that we're detecting goes along with our observation and expectation for a strengthening of the US DOLLAR and the US STOCK MARKET and a corresponding drop in the dollar's competitor, the EURO.

Trends are powerful things and, the ability to get on board a rising or falling trend is where the big returns are historically. We have the tools and educational materials that will instruct you on how to detect these potentially profitable points in time early.

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If these 3 analyses crystallize, it will point to a stronger US Economy and will have a positive effect on the Global Economy in return. Let's root for this result for all our sakes.

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