Price Rebounded From Our Previously Predicted Support Zone

​Everything went as expected when we subtracted out the Emotion . . .​

​​Here's Where Prices Went . . . According To Plan!

​. . . ​​We were even able to play into the Rally that was expected from the downside support price area predicted today.

​The overall individual stocks, options and index followed suit and trended upwards during today's trading session.

​To actually track this intra-day uptrend to it's profitable conclusion and new reversal opportunity will require one to possess our trading technique called the 'Intra-day Solar Trader', which is still available by request through e-mail in a special, reduced-donation level and downloadable format.

Our Courses of Instruction are about mastering skills of trading and timing that are based upon unchanging Natural Laws and not the whims of fashion or industry. Write me HERE, for a Catalog of our Academy Course Offerings or, to receive a personal donation request level for the courses of interest.