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Quality Provides It’s Own Rewards . . .



The Most Hidden Trading Secrets in the World Lie Within These Courses

By George R. Harrison

Our present rapidly changing financial times demand that those who do take seriously their responsibility to protect family portfolios and retirement funds have the greatest need for the protection which only these analytical techniques offer.

Our So, the question then becomes: "How do I achieve my goals in the most efficient way?" Do you want to 'paddle' your way through the financial surf or do you want to get there faster and 'in style'?

Is Your Trading/Investment Method a 'Rowboat' or a 'Yacht'?

A Yacht is not a rowboat and the significant pricing differences between them both makes their true values abundantly clear to all concerned.

If you're seeking a better way to get to your financial destination, then you should give up the 'rowboat' mentality when it comes to trading & investment methods. You need to travel with 'Class'. Quality is the Rule.

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‘Stairway’ BitCoin Gains of 25% . . .

     Don't Play Market Favorites', Go Where The Gains Are!

    BitCoin has offered many opportunities for gains . . .

The most recent gains in just the last month were over 25% in Bitcoin.

By George R. Harrison

Human Beings are creatures of habit. Investors are no different.

However, the only habits that a successful trader should hang onto are those associated with correct money management, risk control and their successful, trading techniques.

When it comes to 'where' we make our gains or what market they're in, we should be as flexible as a leaf on a tree going along with whatever the direction of the prevailing wind dictates (going with the trend).

Yes, we may favor the forex, commodity or stock market out of familiarity, but, this shouldn't blind us to opportunities which present themselves elsewhere. No matter how new or unfamiliar they may be.

Bitcoin is one such market. Most have ignored it intentionally, because it's so new, but, those who were the boldest came into this market a few years back and many have built fortunes on this purposely overlooked market. Why shouldn't you be one?

What matters most is liquidity, price charts and good techniques like the Stairway, Excalibur or MBP Trading Methods which we carry on this website.

Bitcoin certainly has liquidity and great price charts available. As to the techniques described, these applied to the Bitcoin market have yielded incredible gains these last few years.

The Bottom Line is this: One needs to graduate and expand one's vision of what's possible out there. While waiting in a 'popular' market that's stagnant, there may be plenty of profit growth potential elsewhere; in another, less popular market. Some won't want to hear this, but, it's the Truth even so and, that's what's presented here; Truth.- George

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Stock Market Angles of Support . . .

      Present Angle of Support for the S&P 500 is Unsustainable

      Watch This Market Closely

Note How Each Market Rally Since 1982 Has Been At Increasing Angles of Support

By George R. Harrison

The Chart you're looking at now is basically one-of-a-kind.

What most investors and traders aren't aware of is how much market trends depend on the energy contained within an angle of support and how important those angles are to determining how strong or weak a trend has become.

To better confirm just where the US S&P 500 Stock Index is in it's present trend, I've taken all the big trends since 1982 and shown their relative angles on this single chart.

What appears when we do this is a chronicle of rally-after-rally gaining strength and momentum over the one preceding and, therefore, having prices rise faster and faster.

This is, however, an unsustainable process eventually as we come up against the laws of Geometry and Physics as we approach a 90-degree vertical support line.

If you'll take a moment to view the support angles shown on the graphic above, you'll see the rising angles. The red-lined angle is our present S&P 500 Market move. It's extremely fast and steep.

Declines, when they inevitably come, also tend to be steeper and faster as well. Meaning that the fall from this high angle of support could be dizzying and faster than those preceding it in all likelihood.

The Bottom Line is this: The Stock Market Boom at present may continue further, but, will very likely reverse severely when it does break because of it's very steep angle of support. It takes a lot of buying power to sustain an angle of support this steep and, usually, the buying becomes exhausted suddenly. Present weakness in this market has been noted in my earlier post on April 19th, so, keep that as well as this new information in mind while closely watching price developments. - George

REMEMBER: This is just the balancing side of the yin-yang movement of markets and a natural occurrence. Nothing to fear here, just caution to exercise. Those who know that and have no fear of this normal process can also profit from it. Handsomely.

So, look at the markets in an opportunistic way and be ready for the trend shifts that naturally occur. Be ready to profit from both sides of trading; The Long side AND the Short side. - George

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The S&P 500 Uptrend Weakens . . .

      US Stock Market Momentum is Faltering

      Is This A Pause, Or a Turn In Trend?

This Market Is Starting To Look Like Other International Sell-offs in Stocks

By George R. Harrison

We now turn our gaze towards the US Stock Market as represented by the S&P 500 Index.

What we find is a reflection of what has already happened in some of the international stock markets; a slowdown in price trend momentum is taking place in the US Stock Market just as it has in the British Stock Market which we noted in our earlier post this week.

What's been noted using our techniques is that there is less strength on the upswings and weaker support on the pull-backs in price according to analysis using The Excalibur Method.

'Excalibur' indicates that we need to be aware of any closes below 2300 in the S&P 500 as indicating a very high probability of lower prices and a shift in price trend lasting months.

The chart displayed shows the price point to watch (the red horizontal price line at 2300).

This is yet another example of what can be done once one has learned just one of the unique tools offered on this website ('The Excalibur Trading Method'), If you're interested in acquiring a licensed copy of 'Excalibur' or one of my other courses for your own use, send me an e-mail - George

Those of you who are sincerely interested in taking in some of the courses offered should e-mail me HERE. - George

The Slide Begins . . .

      The Weakest Markets Are First To The Exits

      The FTSE-100 Was Triggered First To Sell-off

This is one of the Earliest Markets to Indicate A Potential Global Sell-off in Stocks

By George R. Harrison

Turning our attention now to The British Stock Market we find that we've been given early warning of a weakening and collapse in prices. The Excalibur Method saw the first indicator of this almost a month ago as shown on the above chart by the red oval.

When this sort of activity occurs in more than one overseas market, then it's time to closely watch the strength of the US Stock Market as well. We'll examine the US Market in the next post. Stay tuned!

While 'Excalibur' picks amazing reversal price points, it also does something else of equal importance . . .

'Excalibur' can also target highly probable price objectives (tops and bottoms) as well!

The chart displayed is an example of what can be done once one has learned one of the unique tools offered on this website, If you're interested in acquiring a licensed copy of Excalibur or one of my other courses for your own use, send me an e-mail - George

Those of you who are sincerely interested in taking in some of the courses offered are encouraged to e-mail me HERE. - George

India Nifty 50 Near Pivot Point

      The Nifty 50 Trend Begins To Weaken

      This Market Has Been Weakening & Bears Watching.

Paper Assets Are Now The Greatest Portion Of Wealth In Over 90-Years

By George R. Harrison

Major Market Trends (like that seen in the Nifty 50) need to take a 'breather'; a pause to regain it's momentum before continuing onwards.

The Nifty 50 has had a spectacular run thus far and has only in the last few weeks begun to show a definite weakening. This is largely invisible to others, but, when applying 'The Excalibur Trading Method' for market analysis (as we've done for years now successfully), we can clearly detect a slowing in price momentum is already taking place. Are you one of the select few who can see it?

If you're already a student of one of our unique and proprietary trading methods, you certainly are able to see what's happening and are taking preparations accordingly. This while most others see nothing at all unusual happening. Referring to the chart above, we can see that the shift to the downside has not taken place as yet (as of the time of securing this chart for analysis). So, there's time to prepare.

The lower red horizontal line at the 9,000 price level is the price point to watch for a definitive shift in trend to the downside. We're not there as yet, but, the close proximity of this price point combined with the weakening of market price momentum means that we should be watching closely and not be surprised should this price point be penetrated by a Closing price or a bar whose range is completely below the 9,000 price point.

While 'Excalibur' picks amazing reversal price points, it also does something else of equal importance . . .

'Excalibur' can also target highly probable price objectives (tops and bottoms) as well!

In our chart above, we've done just that by showing that, if enough energy is recovered, prices will rise up to 9,400 on their next upsurge. Here again, this assumes that the 9,000 price point is not broken first.

The chart displayed is an example of what can be done once one has learned one of the unique tools offered on this website, If you're interested in acquiring a licensed copy of Excalibur or one of my other courses for your own use, send me an e-mail - George

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Time, Price & Moon . . . 3 Unique Trading Signals

3 Unique Ways to View the Markets!

The Timing of your visit to this site couldn't be better! I'm implementing a very special limited time offer for, not one but THREE unique trading method perspectives.

In order to offer our students a broader approach to our unique trading techniques, for the first time, I'm offering A THREE APPROACH SET which will present the student with THREE of our very Unique Approaches to Trading, all for an extremely special cost-saving price.

Each one of these Courses can stand on their own as trading methods. They do not depend on each other in any way and require no software or additional materials or purchases.

Each course uses an entirely different and unique perspective to derive their trading decisions, and, because of this, they can also act as a valuable CONFIRMATION to trading opportunities detected by any one of the other methods.

Normally, students purchase the courses one-at-a-time or purchase just one methodology without knowledge of the other accurate, analytical approaches that are also available (some of which may better suit their trading temperament).



This is understandable as it is a bit costly to acquire the methods one-by-one over time.

My goal here is to allow each student who desires it, a broader offering of techniques at a substantial savings up-front. The FALL Season is a good time to do this as we're generally looking ahead to a New Year coming up soon and it's a great time to plant new trading wisdom in anticipation of a Spring Profit Renewal. This set will offer you:

THE STAIRWAY TRADING METHOD: A trading method that is built upon the secrets of PRICE.

THE EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD: A separate trading method that's been built upon hidden secrets of TIME itself; and, lastly,

'TRADER'S MOON': Our latest course release, which reveals an unknown way to use ASTRONOMY and, specifically the MOON to find optimal times to enter and exit the Markets.

This offer will only hold until the last 5 copies of Trader's Moon is Sold. That is the limit of copies available for 2016.

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Market X-Ray: Looking The Next ‘BIG SHORT’?

Use These Techniques To Find Out Where Market Opportunity Lies!

Present Market Conditions, AND Opportunities are now much like those back in 2007. These have been very well illustrated by the recent movie 'The Big Short'.

Today's trading environment is custom-designed to put most investors into a state of inaction when it comes to nimble, decisive and prudent investing.

Will You be one of this Century's new Investment & Trading Millionaires? If that's your goal, you'll need above-average trading techniques to evaluate market opportunities. This is where to find the very best of them.