The Euro vs. US Dollar: 3-Days & 4-Trades

​​The​ ​Forex Market never fails to provide Opportunity. You just have to know how to detect the trade set-ups. Over the last 4-Trading Days, there were 4-Distinct 'Fibonacci Trends' Trade Signals.

​INTRA-DAY TRADES ALL: ​​We're examining only Intra-day trading opportunities in the Eur/Usd Forex pair. It started 3-Days ago with a distinct SELL Signal (shown by the blue circle on the chart below.

​​​Holding tight to the Trend indicated by the 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique, we would hold through to the next BUY signal. This occurred on the very next day about 8-hours into the trading day. This is shown by the Golden Circle which also served as an Entry Signal as well as an Exit from the previous short position taken the day before.

This upswing in price movment was short-lived and, we received an early warning of it's impending collapse at the price point shown by the blue circle in the chart above.

​Price rapidly collapsed 60-pips lower within a few hour's time bringing us to an Exit signal (Golden Circle on the chart below) for our hypothetical Short position as well as a new Entry Price Point for the coming uptrend predicted by the Fibonacci Trends Indicator.

As can be plainly seen on the above chart, this last Entry Price Point became a large moving trend that lasted until the very end of the day with as HUGE Profit Potential from this Entry Signal alone. ​

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